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Minimalistic and chic, these dainty little pieces are sure to be your favourite and can be the perfect gift for a friend or a loved one because it symbolises faithfulness, loyalty and trust.
Perfect everyday necklace with its subtlety, not to mention can be worn with any outfit

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Say it on a bottle

Perfume bottle engraving

Hand engraving and personalize your favorite scent. Search for a fragrance, find the perfect bottle, and make it yours. Give the gift of a fragrance you love on the go with a perfume engraved with your initial.

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Hand-Written notes

No gift can quite match the magic that a few sincere words of love can create. Surprise your valentine with our gorgeous handwritten notes. Written in stunning copperplate calligraphy, the writing will do justice to the heartfelt words, conveying your truest affection in the most elegant way possible. Choosing every word wisely, these handwritten love declarations are prepared with utmost care. Sealed gracefully with wax, these handwritten notes carry certain intimacy and personality that will be the perfect gift for your sweetheart. Trust the power of words in carrying the weight of your heart and you will be surprised how much joy a few scribblings can bring.

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